About Isabella A. Greene

Isabella A. Greene is a Starseed, a  Lightworker and a Wayshower. Her multidimensional role is to prepare beings for missions. 

After years of living in New York City and working in Financial Services Industry, Isabella had a re-awakening and became an accredited Life and Awakening Coach, Remote Soul Healer, Reiki Master, Mystic & Teacher.

She now lives in Sedona and serves both interdimensionally
and worldwide.  The story of her powerful awakening, mystical experiences and dedication to her path is an inspiration to many.

Along with personal sessions, Isabella offers workshops and group healing work. Her services are multidimensional and extend beyond the limitations of 3D.

Isabella frequently writes for a number of on-line publications and is in the process of writing her first two books. Her article “25 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide” went viral overnight and was read by close to half a million people.

Isabella’s mission and life are dedicated to serving awakening and evolution of the planet and the human race. 

you are!
Helping you
to unwrap
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Isabella A. Greene