Isabella A. Greene

Isabella A. Greene remote healing

you are!
Helping you
to unwrap
your own


In my healing work I do not practice medicine,  I practice LOVE.  We do
not work on the body, we focus on the Soul, the Energy and the Mind.
When the Soul is happy, the body often follows as a "side effect".

The work that I do helps clients to re-connect with their True Selves, 
understand their Soul's journey, embrace their purpose and move forward
in lives. We focus on discovering and decoding the "bigger picture of you".

Throughout the years of practice I developed my own methodology,
structure and application of the work.

The multi-dimensional non-physical aspect of me knows how to access Akashik Records and the infinite quantum field of information. During remote parts of our sessions it also  connects and communicates with your own non-physical aspects. Then we get on the phone and I demystify the mystical, simplify the scientific and deliver clear rational explanations of your Soul's path in the way and the language understandable for you.

I also offer exercises and various techniques that are both effective and easy to follow. 

Since the age of 12 I was aware that I had a unique Gift. Throughout my life I have done extensive amount of studying within the field of human mind, spirit, body, consciousness and also metaphysics. I have questioned, analyzed and been influenced by the most prominent speakers and teachers in this field.  I stayed in seclusion and meditation listening to my own Divine Guidance and used myself as a guinea pig for innumerable practices and techniques.  
As a result, I developed a simple and effective method that leads you into awakening, contentment and wellbeing.

This method is based on everything I've experienced, presently know and continue to learn every day, and on my own Divine Guidance in combination with the approach of ease, joy, lightheartedness, unconditional Love and acceptance.