Isabella A. Greene

Many people ask me how to connect with the Higher Self. I believe we first have to realize

that the Higher Self is a part of us, or rather, WE are a tiny part of our Higher Self. It is the

matter of removing the filters that stand in the way of us being aware of this ever-present 
What really is required, is our own strong intention to become aware of this 
connection, and also quiet solo space within our everyday lives to reach for it within.

Deep meditation is an excellent tool. DNA upgrades help a lot. Both offer long-lasting
reality-changing results. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session (QHHT) will get you there

instantly, for the duration of the session anyway. The most important thing is not to get

caught in the web of endless "ways", "methods", "trying", "chasing" and also our own

"expectations" of how it is "supposed to" look, sound or feel. 

The “voice” of the Higher Self is subtle and quiet at first. The signals, nudges, downloads

and messages start coming in here and there and are easy to miss if we are not paying

attention. All communication with the Higher Self comes in telepathically through the Heart

channel. It is our job to first notice the “feeling” and to then translate it into brain-compatible


 As our skill and comfort with this “interaction” grows, it gradually becomes more and more

frequent; until our awareness of the presence of the Higher Self and the understanding of

its constant guidance within us turns into a permanent feature of our reality.  

The Higher Self, in my experience, is neither a form nor a being. All beings and forms we

might consider as our multiple “Higher Selves” are the multidimensional expressions, the

aspects and the fragments of our one true Higher Self.

From the limited human perspective, these forms can indeed be considered the “Higher Selves”

as their frequency is higher than that of a human in flesh. They are simply the energy of the

all-encompassing Higher Self condensed into form of various frequencies, both physical and


In my experience, the Higher Self is everything that we are perceiving ourselves as within our

individual soul streams, yet simultaneously, it is its own consciousness within itself too. And it

is possible for us as humans to bypass all of the “in between” forms and beings who often serve

as "translators" of sorts, and to experience ourselves as this one all-encompassing Higher Self

consciousness directly.  

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