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About Isabella A. Greene

Isabella A. Greene is a Metaphysical Specialist, Spiritual Healer and the author of "LEAVING THE TRAP: How to Exit Reincarnation Cycle". Isabella is in service to evolution of consciousness and ascension of humanity. She helps people access and embody their higher essence on Earth.

​​With strong paranormal gifts since childhood, years of advanced yogic practices and pure lifestyle, Isabella has accumulated a wealth of insights and experience, deepened her own abilities and is now sharing her discoveries with others.

After years of living life to the fullest, travelling the world, working in Financial Services Industry and "playing" in the New York "underground" music scene; Isabella had a re-awakening and became a Metaphysical Specialist, Spiritual Healer and a modern day Mystic. 

Isabella studied numerous modalities, philosophies and schools of thought and was strongly influenced by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza.

She is certified in life coaching, energy work, Reiki and hypnosis but her intuitive and paranormal abilities led to creation of her own unique method of healing work. As a result, Isabella’s following and spiritual healing practice has grown internationally.

Isabella now lives in purity and service surrounded by gorgeous Arizona landscape. Along with personal remote sessions offered worldwide, she also offers workshops, speaking engagements and guided meditations.

As a progressive conscious thinker, Isabella is featured in the on-line talks, podcasts and live events including Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory; Next Level Soul Podcast (coming up); JeffMara Podcast; IckonicTVGnosticTV Network; ROKU TV; SOULOGY Network; UNITETHECOLLECTIVE Channel; cutting edge Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference, Sedona Yoga Festival, Sedona Transcendence Retreat and Sedona Ascension Retreat 2024.

Isabella published her first book "LEAVING THE TRAP: How to Exit Reincarnation Cycle" in 2023. It was #1 New Release in Apr 7-14 2023 and a #1 Bestseller Aug 18-20 2023 in two categories on