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The “Medley with Quantum Healing” Sessions are highly personalized and offer extensive coverage. No two sessions are the same and I labor to customize the work for each individual client.  These sessions include many layers of energetic clearing;  wide-range of entity removal; soul journey and personality readings; soul purpose; cosmic origin; answers to your three bonus questions; Karmic timeline clearing; cellular and DNA restructuring; soul blue-print activations, assistance with walk-in integration and more. Channeled messages from your Higher Self or your cosmic teams during the sessions are not uncommon.

You receive all of the above in the comfort of your own home within just one session that might range from 3 to 3,5 hours, depending on your individual case. The amount of time I personally devote to each case ranges from 5 to 6 hours,

while you only pay one flat fee.

My work is often compared to the sessions of Alba Weinman.

According to a few of her clients who experienced my work, the sessions that I offer are significantly more extensive in coverage and also more affordable as you do not have to incur any travelling costs.

The additional benefit of my work in comparison to Quantum Healing Hypnosis, is that you do not process the entities and the flow of past lives through your body and mind, which in some cases throws people off for weeks.  

My process allows you to simply rest while all the "heavy-lifting" is done by me.


30 min - $75.00



Awakening and metaphysical consultations assist people in making sense of their awakening or "supernatural" experiences from the non-conventional or metaphysical perspective.

30 min - $75
60 min - $150  

Packages & Other Options

Guided Release Session ($155.00)

Guided energy clearing with your participation. Releases energetic entanglements with past romantic partners, clears cords, assists moving forward and new beginnings. One partner per session. This session is done over the phone, via Skype or in person.Total of 30 min.



Please see drop down menu for packages and other options:

Packages and Other Options
Remote Energy Work Session  ($277.00)

  • Energy field adjustments and clearing
  • Remote "silent" sessions while you sleep

This session includes 60 min of remote energy and clearing work, guided relaxation (except for "silent" sessions) and 15 min of follow-up time. 

Full Sessions ($333.00) are:

  • The Medley Session is a Soul reading with deep relaxation, clearing and remote energy work. It offers a comprehensive analysis of your Soul's journey: from Earth & Cosmic Akashik records, relevant "past lives", parallel realities, gifts and purpose and answers to your three most  important questions. 

  • Full-Length Energy + Coaching Sessions

  • ​Quantum Healing Session (body scan, Chakra alignment, layered energy field clearing, removal of auric attachments and entities)

  • Soul Communication with the Loved Ones from the other side.

  • Soul Contract work for families and couples

    All Full Sessions include total of 60-75 min of guided relaxation with remote multidimensional clearing, upgrades and energy work, and 45-60 min of coaching or follow-up time.

Session Options & Packages


  • All payments for all sessions are required in advance.

  • Your payment for the work serves as a confirmation of your booking and your agreement with the terms of service.

  • Please see "Terms of Service" at the end of this page.

  • Package discounts apply only if paid in advance in full. 

  • Insuring that the work is highly personalized, I spend 5-6 hours on each individual case while you pay one flat fee.

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Special Offer
I offer 10% discount on packages of three remote sessions and 15% discount for packages of 5 remote sessions. I also offer 5% discount on purchases of two Medley with Quantum Healing sessions at a time (for a couple or two family members, etc.) 

To guarantee your discounted rate all payments for packages are required in advance.

If extra time is required during follow-ups, consultations or coaching, additional charge of $75.00 per every 30 min over scheduled time is applied.

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Isabella A. Greene

The Medley with Quantum Healing Session - the whole package! ($444.00)
​The most advanced, extensive and intricate work I presently offer. Includes soul journey reading, activations, entity removal, multiple layers of energetic clearing, quantum healing work, your questions and more. The session covers everything from ​purpose and gifts to auric attachments, Karmic imprints, soul agreements, blockages, patterns and beyond.  (See more information in the description box below)

This session consists of two parts amounting up to

3-3,5 hours total. Each session is highly personalized to meet your individual needs. Here is the video outlining the general structure of the Medley with Quantum Healing Session

Terms of Service

60 min - $150.00

Payments and Disclosure

  • All payments are non-refundable after 7 days. If you are unable to keep your session appointment or require more time, a different appointment date will be set for you with no expiration date.

  • One session per week is selected to be partially discussed in my SOULSTREAM SESSIONS video program on Youtube. The program is for educational purposes and focuses on the metaphysical aspects of the work, aka: "Stories from out of this world".  If your session is selected, none of your personal details or facts, and no information or data that links you to the video will be disclosed. 

Your payment for the work constitutes your agreement with the above terms. 

Refusal of Service

  • In case of energetic misalignment or inappropriate behavior during the introductory period or call, I reserve the right to refuse my services without explanation. 

  • Please note that due to the high volume of people I process every day,  I do not have availability to interact in writing between our scheduled times. If you have questions, want to share information or require assistance, please schedule a session or a consultation with me to receive my undivided attention to your case.

    Thank you for your understanding and acceptance!