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Through offering highly personalized services I help people to "unwrap their own gifts". These services include various types of remote and in-person sessions,  coaching and metaphysical assistance which ranges from basic to advanced. What we do together depends on each individual case, your needs and comfort zone.
Below is the general overview of what I offer.

I offer a variety of remote Soul healing sessions that are available globally. As a general rule, you receive  remote sessions in the morning in the comfort of your own home regardless of your geographic location. I require a few clear pictures of your face, pictures of your parents and your full birth name. These sessions are followed by follow-up calls (or voice Skype if international), consultations and coaching which are done in the afternoon of the same day unless specified otherwise.

Full and "Medley" Sessions (the most popular!) - are a little bit of everything: from  Earth & Cosmic Akashik records, "past lives", present day blockages, Soul journey and Soul purpose to your most  important questions. (Recommended on its own or as the first session for all new clients)

Remote Soul Healing Sessions cleanse and balance your energy (morphogenetic or bio-energetic) field, remove blockages and restore your energetic resources crucial for all types of healing and for progress in life.  These sessions only include 15 min of follow-up time and are recommended as tune-ups and general clearing work that does not require much explanation.

Consultations and coaching assist the process of transformation through clarifying explanations, simple exercises, recommendations and suggested best practices. This process helps you get the "bigger picture of you",  understand your Soul journey, connect with your purpose, balance and joy and improve your life. Offered on its own or as a part of Full, Medley and other Sessions that include 45-60 min of follow-up time.

In-person Energy Clearing Sessions (NOT OFFERED AT THE MOMENT) have been called "a remarkably relaxing dose of heaven that helps to clear and align with one's Heart's truth".  You are guaranteed to feel renewed, uplifted and restored along with receiving clearing of your energy field and centers, helpful tips on the state of your energetic being and whatever is appropriate from your Akashik records.

Guided Release Sessions  assist with restoring energy flow for the new beginnings. These 30 min guided sessions help you release energetic entanglements with past romantic partners. The process is a co-creation that helps to remove cords, restore your energetic sovereignty and move forward. This session is done over the phone, via Skype or in person.

Soul Agreements Clearing Sessions  assist with gaining soul sovereignty & freedom of choice in this lifetime. These sessions are paired up with a Medley Session which comes first.

Sessions with the Loved Ones "From the Other Side" - Soul communication with the  "passed on" Souls: questions, messages and closures.

Soul Group Work for Families and Couples - Soul communication for couples and multiple members of the same family to assist understanding of Karmic & Soul contracts, family and Soul group dynamics.

List of Services:

  • "Medley" Sessions
    Earth & Cosmic Akashik records, "past lives", present day blockages, Soul purpose, 3 questions

  • Soul Agreement Clearing Sessions Assist with gaining soul sovereignty & freedom of choice

  • Metaphysical Services & Consultations

  • Sessions with the Loved Ones "from the other side"Soul communication with the  "passed on" Souls: questions, messages and closures

  • Soul Group Work 
    Soul communication with couples and multiple members of soul groups or families to assist in understanding of family dynamics, Karmic & Soul contracts

  • Sessions for autistic and non-communicative children and their families

  • Starseed Re-Empowerment

  • In Person Energy Clearing (NOT OFFERED AT THE MOMENT) 

  • Remote Soul Healing Work

  • Coaching & Consultations

  • Guided Release Sessions
    Release energetic entanglements with past romantic partners, clear cords, assist moving forward and new beginnings.

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Please note: my availability to work with Australia, China, Singapore and other regions located outside of time zones that match my normal working hours is limited.

I apologize for the inconvenience. 

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What People Are Saying:

"I've become addicted to your meditation! I've healed something that kept recurring physically which has blown me away and tonight I did it sitting up in bed after work and my head got all tingly - was wonderful. There's something very special about it."

"I had a PTSD flare up last night and could not settle my body down. I did your meditation and finally drifted off. Loved it!"

"There is something about the energetic tone of this meditation. It pulled some type of implant out of me. Am still processing what it was"

"I feel completely regenerated and renewed from your voice and energy. Thank you for creating this."

Click on "Download FREE Meditation" button to listen to or to download FREE 30 min relaxing meditation and energy clearing process. If the MP3 meditation file does not download through this site, please send your email address and the word "Meditation" via "Request Session" form on this page and I will email it to you. This meditation was recorded at the sacred hour of 4 AM when I was in the purest state of Heart and Vision. It is similar to the ones we do during sessions and you will feel the benefits of the Divine healing energy imprinted in my voice. Recommended before bed, naps or any time you need to relieve stress, clear your energy field and remind yourself of who you really are.  Might trigger lucid dreaming. This is my free offering to all to help and to heal  with deep Love from my Heart to yours! Enjoy! 

Isabella A. Greene

you are!