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"Grateful for you and your work and it's many ripples both for my life individually and the courage it has given me but also for what it can do to collective well-being!!! Thank u universe for this!!! I feel courage AND confidence AND faith in the path and in listening and in what it means to be awake and alive and in patience with the judge and kindness to myself and TRUST that it is alright to not have evidence beyond "a feeling"...the power of intuition and the sheer meaning of its depth!!! Thank you tremendously for this contribution! " ~ E.G., Ph.D, New York ~ 

“Thank you Isabella A. Greene for helping me connect to my "powers" via many lifetimes and bringing clarity around family, goals, love and career oriented areas of my life. You were spot on regarding personal blocks and character traits. Using everything I now know for my mission was the critical connecting element I needed. Now I know why I wanted to be a super hero when I grew up... I always had her inside and she's still kicking butt in other realms. Now my old soul can bring her out more to play in this one!" ~ T.H., New York ~

"I just want to thank you for the immense healing that has begun. The session started Friday at 11:30am and went until exactly 4:44pm. During that time, I experienced such intense and complex healings. Remembrance on a cosmic level that literally blows my mind! Activations that were long overdue. Deactivations of structures that were never supposed to be. Removal of hindering implants. Restoration of soul origins and so much more. I feel like a completely different person. Able to fulfill my original soul’s mission. Infinite Gratitude for your multidimensional services." - A.W., NJ

"So grateful for the amazing session with you. Busy digesting your wondrous words, which are resonating so deeply. Thanks to you, I'm feeling incredible clarity in my path and so much love for all. Thank you for sharing your gifts with such warmth and kindness" ~ T. N., Ohio

"So very thankful for our session that felt like rebirth not just on a physical and emotional level, but also on the intellectual, because it is so very important to understand the reasons for suffering and the cause in order to close the door on the past and start to be present fully. I feel amazing!  Light, happy and connected and "things" make sense now! Even the space where we worked feels completely transformed energetically. I just want to say thank you again and again, as you have helped me so much in the most needed of times" ~ A.D., Vancouver, Canada ~
"Isabella Greene went above and beyond my expectations! She is a truly extraordinary being who has given me a wonderful gift. I have been opened to the true context of who I am, where I came from, and what I came here to do. Inner confirmation and accurate analysis of my energy, my personality, and my guides, have led me to a deeper and more pure understanding of who I am and what I can accomplish. I am so thankful to Isabella for the innate spiritual abilities that she has and for her talent of seeing the innermost light of others. She gave me the bird’s eye view that I needed to see the bigger picture. I can now continue to further my own self-empowerment and growth as a being of pure love and light, knowing that I am enough. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and now I am free to rise. Thank you for sharing the light with me so I may share it with others. With love and light, Namaste. ~ S.T.M, ON, Canada" ~
“I knew of Isabella’s abilities and hired her to help my son who is on the autism spectrum.  After the sessions Isabella was able to communicate to me and confirm the things that I had thought might be going on for him. Without giving her any information, she confirmed my suspicions and helped to give me direction, especially as to what was going on in school for him.  After every session Isabella shared with me the information related to what my son was facing and dealing with in his life, in school, with people, in his mind, and in his body. What she told me seemed to match my observations and to make a lot of sense. I don’t know exactly what Isabella was doing, she said she was interacting and communicating with his Spirit. She wound up assisting him with a very  uncomfortable and potentially traumatic dental procedure which normally would've been a devastating experience for him, Isabella was “with him” in the operating room, interacting with his spirit remotely while my son was undergoing the procedure. To my surprise he remained calm throughout the procedure and said he was a happy boy afterwards. Isabella's work helped me to better understand my son, his condition and his personal life experience and to make important changes that led to improvements in both his life and ours. Thank you, Isabella, I am truly grateful!” ~ N.S. - New Jersey ~
"I want to send a shout out to you as some of our work from months ago has become so relevant and allowed me a preparedness I otherwise would not have had. So grateful!" ~ M.A.J., NY ~
"Thank you Isabella, so much information during session,  I am speechless! Thank you for your kindness, love and willingness to share your incredible abilities for helping people. I am planning to reserve more time with you, but first I need to follow the instructions you gave me today  :-D Much gratitude!" ~ K.V., Finland ~ 
"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for our session last week. It was pretty intense stuff but it resonated and was very helpful. I also shared the experience with my spiritual ninja friend and she also confirmed that the information was aligned. The session added depth and clarity moving forward, I'm sure there will be upgrades over the days and weeks to come as my consciousness absorbs the high-level info! With love and gratitude!” ~ M. B., Canada ~
"Thank you for our session together today. You have helped to awaken my awareness and advance my understanding of my energy on multiple planes. I am so full of gratitude for your spiritual capability and power in energy work that has helped lead me to further enlightenment. You are truly a strong spiritual being! I appreciate all of the insights into my soul's journey and because of our session I have further defined my purpose here now. Blessings and gratitude!!!" ~ M.S., California ~ 
“I feel compelled to share a bit about my recent experience with Isabella in a medley session we had last week because WOW WOW WOW!!! It was empowering, enlightening and life altering! Her ability to tap into my stream and observe the essence of my spirit on a multidimensional level was astounding. Everything she discovered and shared resonated so profoundly in my heart that it was like finally coming home to my true self. I felt liberated from the guilt and obligations I had unnecessarily placed around myself... releasing pain and baggage I mistook as mine. I am now experiencing myself on a deeper, more cosmic level and this gift has grounded me with such confident impassioned purpose. This is something I wish for all to experience... being reminded of your galactic heritage and the divine design of each relationship you share puts things in such great perspective, allowing you to realign with your soul mission, get on with it and dance!!!!! I will forever be in gratitude of your service... a gift that keeps on giving” ~ S. P., AZ ~ 
“Thank you Isabella A. Greene for your profound work, your words were like fire to my soul. Now I deeply understand.” ~  G.G., Mexico 
"Wow....just wow. I am an energetic healer and felt that a deeper understanding into my spiritual and emotional background would be very beneficial. I had many questions about my challenging childhood (and previous lives) and wanted more understanding about my life's purpose. I am so grateful that I found Isabella! I was dumbfounded when she described my childhood PERFECTLY. Without any prior knowledge, she accurately explained each of my parents and why they acted the way they did. I just sobbed while she spoke, in gratitude. Then, she accurately explained a pivotal time in my adulthood. Her accuracy was amazing. Isabella spoke with love and without judgment. For the first time, all the pieces of my life make sense. It's like she has taken 100 pounds of emotional and psychic weight off of me. I feel so much lighter and brighter now! I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege to benefit from Isabella's amazing gifts. She's the "real deal"." ~ D. A., California ~

Client Testimonials

"I've been watching your videos and your personal journey for about 2 years and all this time have been wanting to experience a session with you. What I experienced this past Saturday was beyond my imagination. I didn't expect that so much would be brought into my awareness. I am still digesting all of the information... Many pieces of a puzzle were put together, for which I am eternally grateful. You're a gem, thank you, thank you for all that you do!" ~ K. P., Washington ~

"Your work brought together so much for my wife, her life was changed overnight. Your reading was absolutely perfect! Empowering and enlightening and greatly appreciated from our hearts! Makes a lot of the pieces fall into place! We are very grateful and really awestruck by the you that is you. Love and light and appreciation that words can't express! Thanks a million." ~ J.N., Ohio ~ 

"I am full of gratitude and love - for me, for you, for my parents, for my children, for my entire family! Your contribution to us is immeasurable! A strange new sensation, so much easier to accomplish than I ever imagined. Thank you for guiding us, both consciously and unconsciously toward greater balance and deep spiritual health!" ~ Y. G., Ph.D., New York ~

Isabella A. Greene